Rann Strategy Group

Mr Rann is CEO of Rann Strategy Group (RSG).

RSG is a London-based strategic advisory service with extraordinary global reach.  Whether you are in business or government, we can help, drawing on our extensive global network of business affiliates in the UK, US, Canada, Italy, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand and India. 

RSG offers clients the advice of a team of respected international leaders in their fields with decades of experience and contacts.  RSG works to ensure maximum impact through strategic advice and messaging and sound political and commercial judgements.

We operate in a range of sectors including renewable energy, defence, government relations, international banking, strategic infrastructure and cities, but our unique offering remains steadfast: RSG is about smart advice, proven ideas that work and strategies that win honed over decades in politics, business and international diplomacy.

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king's commission for london

Mr Rann is a member of the King's Commission for London. The Commission is chaired by Lord Adonis and focusses on the future challenges and issues facing London, and possible solutions. 


In 2017 Mr Rann was appointed to succeed Lord Browne of Madingley as Chair of the international charity the Power of Nutrition based in London.  The Power of Nutrition aims to protect millions of children from stunting and its life limiting consequences. It is a partnership between investors and implementers committed to helping children grow to their full potential physically and intellectually, ending the cycle of undernutrition and enabling countries to build stronger and more prosperous communities. Every dollar raised is multiplied with new financing secured from other funders. For the first time, a combination of public and private funding will support programmes in countries that are delivered by UNICEF and the World Bank.


In 2017 Mike Rann joined the board of The Climate Group, a not for profit organisation also based in London that works internationally with business and government to promote clean technologies combined with policies designed to substantially reduce greenhouse emissions.  Launched with the strong and active support of former UK PM Tony Blair, The Climate Group has a strong corporate membership worldwide and its 'States and Regions' network has built bridges between governments and business embracing renewable energy, advancing policy and expanding clean technology markets.